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Promoting Art Meeting in Poland

Another event of the Erasmus+ project is behind us. Within the framework of the „Promoting Art” project partnership schools from Estonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Portugal and Latvia together with Polish students and Elbląg citizens could participate in various artistic events.

We encourage you tu read the report below, written by our first year students.


First day of exchange took place in our school. Everybody gathered there at 9 am, to take a  tour around our workshops. We played a little game, which was based on getting to know the names of simple things that are in the school in foreign languages. Thanks to this we learnt at least a few words in the languages of our partners. Next we watched presentations of the countries. Every student said a little about themselves and described what studying looks like in their school. In addition to this, every country brought a traditional dish with them. In the end we tasted at least  12 different  local specialities.


We spent the second day of our exchange in Sopot and Gdańsk. At 8 am we left by train to Malbork and from there, straight to Sopot. Our first goal was to see the Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny (Sopot Auction House). There we learned a lot of important things about how to promote and sell your own art and also something about the works that were displayed on the auction. Next we went to the National Art Gallery where we could see many amazing paintings and sculptures. About 1 pm we had a lunch break. The final part of the trip was to see the Old Town in Gdańsk and during a long walk admire its architecture.


On that day we had a chance to participate in the Art Festival. Students of  the Erasmus+ gathered in the theatre  to see the preview of decorations to the play „Amadeusz” made by Mrs. Izabela Toroniewicz.

Next we went to the Town Hall where the workshop about English literature conducted by Arco van Ieperen took place. In this event not only the Erasmus+ students could participate but all students from our school and citizens of Elbląg were also welcomed. During the workshop we learned what poetry is and that it is not really that hard to write one piece.  This could  easily  be proven by the students who wrote a few poems on their own during the workshop. After a short break we had another workshop, conducted by Mrs.Paulina Łuczak. Its theme was „Art in the Region”. She showed us the most important buildings in the region, types of architecture and said a little about them. In the evening, students gathered in the El Gallery for the music workshop- Soundlab. Mr Maciej Olewniczak showed us a simple application and explained how to use it to create sounds and then our own music. We loved it.


Another day of the Art Festival started at the Old Town Library. The first workshop was about scenography, conducted by Izabela Toroniewicz. She told us about some interesting tricks that are used in the theatre and showed us how the preparations for the show look  like.

Next workshop was about film and was conducted by Mr. Grzegorz Styczeń. He presented his works and told a story about how he started filmmaking.
At the end of the day everyone gathered at the „Mjazzga” Music Club because of Young Artists Review where we could hear our students singing and simply spend some time with each other. In the end we watched The Blind Box concert, who are a quite well-known local rock band.


Friday was the last day of the exchange. We all gathered  at 9 am at the building of our school governing party Starostwo Powiatowe, where we took part in a meeting with Mr. Maciej Romanowski- the Starost of Elbląg. He told us about the tourist and economic values of our poviat. We also learned about its location and characteristics. Between 11am and 1pm we went to the Andrzej Sewruk Theatre in Elbląg to see the scenography to „The Girl with the Matches”. After that we went to see the Museum of Archeology and History, where we could see the documentary about Elbląg and 5 exhibitions. That was the last goal of the exchange which we completed.
We can summarize the whole week as successful and we can't wait to go and see the partner countries.


Written by Ewelina Kozłowska and Magdalena Chmielewska, Poland

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