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Transnational Meeting in Bulgaria - M3

On 08-10 May there was a Promoting Art teachers’ meeting in Dobrich. Dimitar Talev Secondary School hosted 11 project partners from Poland, Portugal, Estonia, Slovakia and Latvia.

It was the second teachers’ meeting of the project, which focused mainly on students’ visit in May and how to organize it the best way. Representatives also discussed tasks that are already in the making: each country’s film about the art of region. The project now has a Facebook group, to share information, and YouTube account, where all the videos of the project can be uploaded. The teachers visited Historical museum of Dobrich, St George Church, Ethnographical house, Puppet theatre, Art Gallery, Old Dobrich complex for craftsmen, Archaeological Museum, Cathedral of Varna, Opera house and Theatre, Museum of glass in Beloslav, Museum of puppets.

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