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This project is funded with support of the European Comission. This material represents solely the opinion of the author, and the Comission is not responsible for any use of the information included in it.

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Promoting ART is a collaborative partnership project, developed by six European schools- either art or interested in this topic. Teachers and students from 6 different countries (Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Portugal and Latvia) will share cultures, traditions, skills and knowledge having ART as a common language. A strong effort will be taken, by all partners involved, not only to share this experience among each other, but also with local communities. We will intersect school communities and local communities in ART activities like workshops, art festivals and exhibitions.

We believe that Art is  integral in our culture and vital in daily life, because it provides us with a deeper understanding of emotions, self-awareness, it brings colour and beauty.

We aim at promoting art also on the Internet, via our project website and dissemination of project activities, by writing newspaper articles and posters informing a broader public about events like art festivals. So, we hope to reach the number of 1500 people, as the minimal number of direct and indirect beneficiaries of our project.

By developing this partnership we will develop : greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity, develop team work capabilities, creativity and self-assurance, increase motivation and interest in foreign art and artistic works or career; enhance the commitment of local and regional public authorities in the qualitative development of the artistic education and promotion of artistic events; increase our  experience in artistic and European Cultural Diversity acquired by the people involved . Students will have to face difficulties of organizing artistic events, overcome the stress of carrying out events or workshops. Thus they will become teachers, organizers and entrepreneurs - they will encounter real-life situations they have never been in before. We hope by this they will be better prepared and equipped for artistic career and adult life. Our students and we teachers will improve and develop several skills while working as a network and we are helping to build a better world.

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