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Liceum Plastyczne Gronowo Górne

Fine Arts High School in Gronowo Górne

Fine Arts High School in Gronowo Górne is a small but a well-known school in the North of  Poland. Although we're only 10 years old, our students have won many prestigious contests and the school is recognized in the artistic world with graduates joining the best art universities.


Education is planned for four years and its programme includes comprehensive school education according to its base syllabuses as well as art subjects, amongst which you'll find Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, History of Art, Photography and Film, Design or Graphics.We educate people who want to get a good level secondary education and wish to continue at art universities later. The education finishes with Matura Exam (secondary school certificate) and the exam of professional preparation, thus the students gain the title of a graduate of Fine Arts Secondary Education.


Our school isn't big - there are only  80 students and 22 teachers. However, this gives everyone an opportunity to get to know each other, and study being surrounded with friends. We learn and teach in a nice, homely atmosphere.


Liceum Plastyczne is active in Europe as we have taken part in many international projects and so far have cooperated with 15 countries. We try to constantly develop and provide best education and possibilities to our students.






It's a town with 130 000 inhabitants located in the North of Poland. It's quite calm and convenient to live in. Unfortunately, it was greatly destroyed during the Second World War and not many monuments have left. Yet, we are proud of our St Nicolas Cathedral and the Trade Gate in the rebuilt Old Town. There's a statue of a baker boy, who according to the legend saved the city, and  now have become a symbol of good luck. Rub his nose to find out! Moreover, we have something unique- the only one working in the world system of slideways on the canal. There are 5 hills separating the canals with different water levels. If you travel by ship, it must be carried up the hill in a special rail carriage to get to another canal. It's quite impressive to look at, especially if you know that no electricity is used to operate it. We welcome you to come and see!

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