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Pärnu Kunstikool

Parnu Art School 

Pärnu Art School was established in 1980 by local Pärnu Municipal Government. Today over 200 pupils study here under the guidance of over 10 professional teachers.


The idea of the school is not to educate professional artists. The basic idea of studying in Pärnu Art School is to foster pupils’ visual literacy and creativity to understand and handle the visual environment in contemporary world. The other important aim of our school is to give a primary education in art.


All classical art subjects like drawing, painting, composition and sculpture are taught here. Pärnu Art School is primary focused on teaching children between 5-19.  Our aim is also teach young people to see environmental problems, to be environmental-friendly in teaching process and create art through interactive learning process.  


Workers of Pärnu art school are highly educated in their 30s to 50s. They all have a higher degree as an art teacher or in a certain craft (pottery, painting, glass etc.). They have years of experience in working with the youth, also working with children with a more difficult background (socially excluded children, for example children with some special needs or children who come from families with less financial possibilities).


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