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Transnational Meeting in Poland - M1

On 24-26 October 2017 partners of the project Promoting Art  met in the Fine Arts High School in Gronowo Górne, Poland. The project is co-financed within a framework of Erasmus+  program- Strategic Partnerships.

The partnership is made up of 6 schools from Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Portugal. The project focuses on the preparation of students of art schools or secondary schools with artistic classes to the profession of the artist and the promotion of art among the inhabitants of our cities. Our students must develop their passion, however, they must understand the needs, requirements and rules governing the current labor market. They need to know how to promote their art, themselves, to be able to sell it or get a job. Contemporary artists should know the art history and the various artistic techniques - present and past, be creative, ready to experiment and know how to pursue their goals.. In addition, he knows languages so that he can sell his work abroad, is fluent in modern technology and is constantly learning to improve his abilities and skills.  A young artist-student will be able to learn all this  in our project. Residents of our cities will have the opportunity to experience art during numerous exhibitions, happenings or art festivals and workshops organized by our schools.

During the two years of the project, many meetings of teachers and students are planned. This time in Poland 9 pedagogues from partner schools worked on the project documentation. This first meeting was necessary to refine all the main assumptions of the project and discuss in detail the nearest tasks and organization of students' arrival in November 2017.

In addition, we discussed the details of the Elblag Art Festival organized by Fine Arts High School in Gronowo Górne. We also talked about the implementation of the project and methods of popularizing its results, including creating a website, Facebook and YouTube accounts. The general principles of cooperation and tasks have been established, such as the creation of animated films and films in the region, the opening of the youtube channel, the dissemination of the project, the workshops on new techniques and arts, the creation of posters and exhibitions of works of art. The meeting was long, but creative and fruitful. We appreciated the efforts of our students at the time of creating the project logo. The international competition was won by Andrea Araújo from Portugal.

In this short time, however, we managed to show our guests a bit of our wonderful cultural heritage. We took a trip to Gdansk, where our partners saw the Old Town, Uphagen House, Museum of Amber and Solidarity. From our local Elbląg monuments, they liked the El Gallery with the exhibitions of Igor Przybylski "Pekaesy" and Ryszard Tomczyk "Excess of Existence", the Cathedral of Saint Nicolas and a visit to the museum. They saw a holographic movie about our history, which made an amazing impression on them.

In general, the meeting was very successful, both in terms of hard work and cultural development, knowledge of Poland and its customs. We are looking forward to the arrival of the students and further challenges.

Project coordinator
Joanna Jastrzębska

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