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Dimitar Talev Secondary School

Средно училище "Димитър Талев"

Dimitar Talev” is a secondary school with students from 1st to 12th grade.

We are working as per the regulation issued by the Ministry of Education and we focus on classes during the daytime. In our school there are not only Bulgarian citizens but also a lot of children temporary living in our country and also foreigners.

As of now there are 780 students in our school and a personnel of 64 teachers taking care of them; teacher with a lot of experience and certifications, dedicated to the constant updating of the teaching methods.

Dimitar Talev Secondary school is a member of the Cambridge School association in Bulgaria. We are constantly striving to establish ourselves in the competitive environment of the current Bulgarian education system by employing an array of efficient models of teaching and in this way also getting closer and closer to the European standards. A lot of our teachers are actively participating in the eTwinning projects. We successfully completed 12 Comenius projects, one Grundwig and we were acting as a chief co-ordinator in an Erasmus+ project that finished in 2016. We have just started working on two new Erasmus+ projects for a period of two years.

Secondary school Dimitar Talev was established in 1989 – a school with traditions that had been built up and successfully carried out through the years. Our good reputation in town attracts a lot of young children. We are proud to declare that the demographic collapse does not have an impact on the yearly intake of our school.



DIMITAR TALEV SECONDARY SCHOOL IN DOBRICH is situated in a region where the main priority in the economic development is agriculture and food industry. It is characterized with high unemployment and constant immigration. Some pupils have one or two unemployed parents and others – parents who work in a bigger city or abroad. This creates preconditions for difficulties in the pupils’ adaptation and poor performance in educational life . The low motivation to gain new knowledge and skills leads to the bad school performance.

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